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Prof. Shweta Kharya

Associate Professor

She is Associate Professor in Department of Computer Science with an teaching experience of 15 yrs and research experience of 5 yrs. Her area of interest are Cloud computing, Computer Networks, Data Mining, Soft Computing.

Prof. Shweta Kharya

Employee ID 10119
Date of Joining 15-07-2005
Nature of Association Regular
Department Computer Science and Engineering
Designation Associate Professor
Educational Qualification PhD(Pursuing),MTech (CSE), M.Sc (CS)
Contact Number Extension No.: 219 Global Directory No.:8232
Areas of Interest

Data Mining , Soft Computing,Clinical Informatics


    Book Published

    1.Weighted Naive Bayes Classifier in Medical:A predictive modeling approach in Breast cancer Detection.(ISBN-978-613-9-92544-5).

    International Journal

    1. ”Using Data Mining Techniques for Diagnosis & Prognosis of Cancer Disease”.International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technologies,(IJCSEIT) ,Vol 2,No.2,April 2012.

    2. “Predictive Machine Learning Techniques for   Breast Cancer Detection”. International    Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies, (IJCSIT) Vol. 4 (6) , Dec- 2013, 1023-1028.

    3. “Using Bayesian Belief Networks for Prognosis & Diagnosis of Breast     Cancer”. Volume 3, Issue 2, IJARCCE, Feb 2014.

    4. “Naive bayes classifiers: A probabilistic detection model for breast cancer” Volume 92 – No.10, April 2014   , International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Newyork, United states with impact factor .825.

    5.Weighted Naive Bayes Classifier: A Predictive Model for Breast Cancer Detection.JAn,2016,International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA), Newyork, United states with impact factor .825.

Other Info.

Other Responsibilities:

    Institutional :

    OJAS-2016-Departmental Coordinator

    Memeber of Literary Commitee Session 2016-2017




Felowship/Awards/Other recognitions:

    Received Excellency Award In University Exam Of M.Tech , First Semester, Computer Science & Engineering, CSIT, Durg,Chhattisgarh,  2012