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QuizBizz Club

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Creating a Quizzing culture in BIT Durg to make the students smart, witty and subsequently preparing them for placements and professional careers.


Developing and fostering a quizzing culture, making students ready for the future by helping them develop their knowledge across different fields.


  • To develop and foster an environment of knowledge sharing and learning.
  • To help students develop their current affairs, critical thinking and analytical skills to give them an edge while tackling future competitive exams.
  • To build a community valuing knowledge across different fields and help them in nurturing and sharpening them through competitions.

About us

We are a group of curious students obsessed with facts, trivia and overall personal growth.

Basically, we’rethe Jack of all Trades.

Our main goal is to ‘end our day being a little smarter than we started.’

Our Team

Convener : Mr. Sparsh Sharma

Treasurer : Ms. Stuti Chandrakar

Executives Members : Mr.TweshBawaskar

Mr. ShauryaVardhan Thakur

Ms. Chhavi Mishra

Mr. Ritik Kurrey

Head : Mr. Siddharth Meshram

Deputy : Mr. Saurabh Sinha

What we do

  • Daily questions in our Instagram and Whatsapp group.
  • Weekend Quiz on Instagram.
  • Themed Quiz about various festivals, pop culture, science, history and special occasions etc.
  • Workshops and Seminars.

To motivate students to improve their programming skills.

To prepare them for competing in national as well as international programming competitions.

Social Media

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